President’s Message

Mr.Abhishek Kumar

Dear Members and Friends,

Nefowa President’s – Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the president of NEFOWA. I look forward to bring NEFOWA to its highest level as an association with the support of you and our team members.

NEFOWA stands at a historic moment – the Real Estate Regulatory Bill has been analyzed and discussed by the select committee of Rajya Sabha. NEFOWA as an association of flat buyers, share a passion of great commitment towards the welfare of the flat buyers. It has the great journey in raising its voice on day to day issues of Greater Noida West housing projects. NEFOWA is uniquely positioned to help the flat buyers in building their confidence in getting their dream home.

We wish to take significant leap forward and bring it to a class association. We embark on various campaign rights from organizing dharna, protest, rally and so on to make aware about the various difficulties which the flat buyers face with the builder. While we have achieved a great deal, there is much more to do as we march toward our lofty goal of getting our dream home soon. Let us move forward with passion, but also with purpose. And most of all let us be mindful of why we need to be united in achieving our goal.

The purpose of the message is that the voice shall be heard, our ideas shall be received, and the impact of our contributions to society will be fully realized. NEFOWA has grown and succeeded just because of the pioneering spirit of the members, the support of press and electronic media in raising the issues. NEFOWA has been always scholarly and skillful in pointing out the problems in front of GNIDA, UP Govt. and the central govt. I would like to personally encourage you to get involved, to reach out and to connect with us. Remember to update your contact information so we are able to send you information about upcoming events. – See more at: I hope you share my pride in our page for all that it has accomplished and for its vision in moving forward.

Our primary goal is to bring forward the issues of buyers, to communicate with authority and builders, to raise issue in media and fund raising for smooth functioning of the association.

I invite all of you in taking a step ahead in our goal. I hope you will consider becoming an active participant in shaping NEFOWA. The future is ours to create. Let us write the most glorious chapter ever for NEFOWA.

As always, I would like to thank our wonderful member and hard working core team that help make every event successful. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this association. Together, we will continue to grow NEFOWA for the welfare of the flat buyers and to protest the right.

Fight On!