Details of Case filed by NEFOWA in the Supreme Court

After the formation of the BJP government in the state, it was hoped that the government would solve the problems of Amrapali’s home buyers, but the government has not been able to bring any concrete plan about the projects of Amrapali group. Also the government did not take any actions against the errant builder. There were several meetings, the committee was formed, but the result is zero. The buyers were kept in darkness for months by committing false assurances by both the builder and the government. Now, NEFOWA believes that the only way to resolve the problems of Amrapali’s home buyers is through the court of law. The association is committed to protect the rights of the Amrapali home buyers and realize their dream of having their own home.

1)Amrapali Leisure Valley Pvt Ltd (Verona,Jaura,AAAY & Villa) DIARY No. 804 YEAR 2018

2)Amrapali Dream Valley Pvt Ltd (Dream valley,Enchante & Villa) Diary No. 1742 YEAR 2018

3)Amrapali Centurian Park (Low rise,Terrace Homes & Centurian park) Diary No. 1740 YEAR 2018

4)Amrapali Smart City Developers Pvt Ltd (Golf homes,Kingswood) Diary No. 37490 Year 2017

5)Amrapali Leisure Valley Developers Pvt Ltd (Leisure Park,River View) Diary No. 42287 Year 2017

Our Prayer In Supreme Court :-

  • Treat us as Secured Financial Creditor.
  • Direct up govt to assign the projects to govt. body like NBCC/ HUDCO to complete the projects
  • Direct UP Government to implement PSP policy to complete projects ASAP.
  • Restrain Amrapali From Selling any of its properties without the permission of court
  • Appoint Monitoring Committee to oversee completion of project & handing over the flats to buyers
  • Compensation for delay of possesion of project, in case project not handed over refund with @24% penal interest
  • No EMI till possession.

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