Name of Association : Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association (NEFOWA)
Office Address : 24/5 Sangam Complex, Sharma Market, Sector-5, Noida-201301
Work Area : Noida Extension, Greater Noida, U.P.

To protect and fight for the rights of the flat buyers of Noida Extension in a democratic way.

Also to keep the members updated with Noida Extension Activity. It also provides platform to raise and discuss the issues related to their dream home. (As per Memorandum).

A person who has booked a residential flat in Noida Extension, Greater Noida and also registered in our Website.

  • On resignation of the member
  • On bankruptcy of the member
  • On violation of bye-laws of the Association
  • On being convicted by a Court
  • Failing to attend three consecutive meetings of the Association
  • On termination of the booked flat or selling off of the flat in Noida Extension
  • On death of the member

As per the decision of the core members.

  1. General Body:
    All members of the Association will collectively be called the General Body
    Regular meetings can be called by the General Secretary as and when required. Annual General Meeting will be called once in a year.
    A prior notice of 3 days for the regular meeting and 15 days for the Annual Meeting of the General Body is required.
    Duties and responsibilities of the members of General Body:

    • To attend in all meetings and to participate in progress of the Association.
    • To participate in the election of the managing committee and cast the vote.
    • To protect all type of assets of the Association
    • To review the Annual Income and Expenditure report and budget of the Association.
  2. Managing Committee:
    The managing committee constitute with a President, a Vice President, a General Secretary, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The formation of the managing committee will be through election. Managing committee members shall serve for 1 year (Association should define) or until a successor is elected. Any Managing committee member may be removed from the Association due to unsatisfactory service or non-performance of duty by a two-thirds vote of the remaining members of the Association. No member shall receive any salary or payment for his services. There will be a weekly meeting of the managing committee members or a suitable timing for which the members are agreed upon. The changes in its schedule will be duly informed to all members.