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NEFOWA (Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association) has been formed by merging active groups which are working for the common cause of getting our dream home. Our objective is to protect and fight for the rights of the flat buyers of Noida Extension in a democratic way.

Our website has tried to provide a platform to all buyers to get connected with each other to show buyers strength. It's an open forum to put suggestions and views. It also provides day to day development of Noida Extension projects.

NEFOWA is made for the betterment of Flat Buyers .....not for Real Estate Agents and Builder Agents… All members are on same platform. . There is no discrimination among the members. Every members are being treated as friend and as future neighbors. We are here not just for our common goal i.e. our Home, but also for the sake of better relationship among the neighbors.

We invite all buyers to come forward for the rights of Noida Extension Flat Buyers and fight with all those who are obstacles in getting our Dream Home. NEFOWA provides a registration form for the membership. One can directly contact us in case of any queries, suggestions and feedbacks to our email id

We promise a true and democratic front for the Noida Extension Flat Buyers ...

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Latest Update

24th Feb 2013

Today NEFOWA organized a big Dharna protest at Jantar-Mantar in which huge number of flat buyers from different part of NCR participated. The flat buyers started reaching Jantar-Matar from 10 O’clock in the morning and raised slogans against the builders unethical actions. The flat buyers also urged the govt. to pass the’ Real Estate Regulatory Bill’ in the ongoing parliament session. We would like to bring to your notice that the bill is pending since long time. In past, NEFOWA met Mr Ajay Maken, Mr. Kamal Nath & Mr. Rajnath Singh and requested them to put the bill on the floor of the parliament session.

Today apart from the buyers of Greater Noida West, buyers of Faridabad, Greater Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon also participated and raised their voice against the builders activities. They also requested the govt. to take strong action against such activities. Lot of ladies and children also shown their presence and took part in the protest.

NEFOWA will also hand over a memorandum to the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Ajay Maken & Mr. Kamal Nath in which NEFOWA has proposed some changes in the recommended bill.

NEFOWA thanks all those who participated in the protest and given us strength. NEFOWA will continue its effort to get the Regulatory bill passed.

13th Feb 2013

A delegation of NEFOWA met Mr.Ajay Maken,Minister of Housing and Poverty Alleviation, Govt. of India in December 2012 and pressed for its demand of getting the much promised and awaited Regulatory Bill in this regard passed in Parliament in this winter session itself but to no avail despite assurances. NEFOWA, however, would not fear and sit quite, rather it will fight for the causes of innocent buyers who are always hopeful of an amicable solution having their own concerns involved.

In its continuous fight of rights NEFOWA is organizing a protest "Dharna" at Jantar-Mantar on 24th February (Sunday) from 10 AM . NEFOWA requests all home buyers and those who dream for own home, join this protest with family. We also request other buyers group to join this event and give strength to home buyer's voice.

Mr. Rajnath Singh informed us that he was the first person who raised his voice for this bill in parliament. He promised us that he will raise this in a proper forum at a proper time.

1st Feb 2013

Today, Team NEFOWA meet Mr. Rajnath Singh (President, Bhartiya Janta Party) and gave him the Gyapan and requested him to please raise your voice in Parliament for ‘Real Estate Regulatory Bill’.

17th Dec 2012

Today, Team NEFOWA met Mr. Ajay Makan, Minister of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, at his office at Nirman Bhawan and handed over the memorandum (Gyapan) in context of the continuous complaints being received by various flat buyers of Greater Noida, West (Noida Extension) regarding unfair activities & unethical demands of the builders. Team NEFOWA was represented by Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Mr. Mihir Gautam, Mr. Chetan Tyagi, Mr. Puneet Sharma, Mr. Satya Mitra and Shweta Bharti .The meeting lasted about an hour in which Mr. Makan listened to all the issues of the Greater Noida West carefully and took the matter very seriously.

Team NEFOWA emphasized on the Real Estate Regulatory Bill and requested Mr. Makan to table the bill in the parliament in this winter session only. This will give great relief to all flat buyers who have invested their hard earned money to get their dream homes from the immoral behavior, unethical activities and unfair demands of the builders.

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